Landlines & Watermarks

Project management, website design and build.


A new responsive web site for Landlines & Watermarks a major celebration at The Piece Hall Halifax and in towns throughout the valley from Todmorden to Elland by 509 Arts. The client needed a membership site for users to join securely, events calendar management, Mailchimp and news pages. Social media tools were embedded in the site bi-directionally. Colour ways throughout the site are bright, lively and attractive. Strong use of photography and moving sliders were used throught the site.

Project management and design. SEO, standards compliant. PHP, XHTML, CSS, JS, SQL. The site has Google analytics in-built, along with auto backups maps, and parallax active graphics. Embedded in the site bi-directionally are social media connections for Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp and Instagram.



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